The Pioneer Cooperative of Franklin County, Inc. (PCFC) is the only scattered-site housing cooperative in the USA.

The PCFC operates in Greenfield and Turners Falls, Massachusetts and manages 8 buildings with a total of 17 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments for resident-members, owned by Valley Community Land Trust (formerly Greenfield Area Community Land Trust).

The PCFC was founded in December of 1992 and remains an active community within the Pioneer Valley.

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What is a housing cooperative?

Being a member-resident of a housing cooperative means that you own a share in the company that owns the building you live in. As long as you hold a share in the company, you have the right to occupy a cooperative-owned apartment unit. This means cooperative members have greater responsibility and greater freedoms than typical landlord-tenant relationships offer.

Cooperative members are expected to contribute 4 hours per month of service to the cooperative, such as assisting with yard work, helping other members with repairs, or performing administrative tasks.

Cooperative members are encouraged to participate in the Board of Directors to become involved in the finances and maintenance of properties and help guide the cooperative’s direction.

What does “scattered-site” mean?

Most housing cooperatives in the United States are concentrated into a single small area, such as a single street or cul-de-sac. This means all of the properties are physically next to each other. The Pioneer Cooperative of Franklin County differs from the majority of housing cooperatives by being scattered-site, meaning our properties are non-adjacent buildings throughout two towns (Greenfield, MA and Turners Falls, MA).