Winter Reminder – Snow Removal

Just wanted to send out an update to everyone to remind them that it is imperative that we shovel and sand / salt the sidewalks in front of our homes, and of course the walkways up to out front doors. We as co-owners of this co-op are liable for the safety of those using the sidewalks that pass in front of our homes and the walkways for any postal workers or delivery people.

I suggest taking turns shoveling the walks with house mates or neighbors. Please bear in mind that if you share a building with a member that may not be able to do any shoveling, it’s perfectly OK to email or call me for some help, and if the roads permit it, I’ll be happy to come help you.

Some of us don’t have much of a sidewalk to shovel, and others have quite a lot of sidewalk to shovel (Our 7 N Street property has not only the sidewalk in front of their home, but the sidewalk that runs along Montague City Road, it’s a LOT to try and shovel) I’d like for folks to let me know if they are OK with giving other members phone numbers and email address to each other so if a need arises for help, we can contact each other without having to wait for me to come in from my own shoveling (Or hopefully snow blowing with a new snow blower under my tree *Fingers Crossed*) to see a message from a member in need from two hour prior and find out some one was hurt while trying to shovel snow they should never have tried to be shoveling. Shoveling of course includes all parking areas. If you park on the street, please be mindful of any parking bans the towns we live in might put in place.

So if we could set up a “Calling Tree” so if members need something we can start replying on each other. We have a few members with health issues that keep them from being able to shovel snow and other work and as a co-op, we should take extra care of these members. If we have that calling tree in place, someone should always be available. Please feel free to give feedback or ideas. I’m always more than happy to listen.